Build Management


Dear valued client,
Thank you for choosing to work with Build Management Limited (`BML’) to ensure your investment property build is managed under stringent and professional project management principles, with optimal risk mitigation and build efficiencies in place. We respect and understand you may have had a choice of who you partner with in reaching your property investment goals, and we would be honoured to be given the opportunity of facilitating and coordinating your build project through to its successful completion.

Build Management Limited


“To provide professional project management services that ensure the safe, secure and timely completion of quality investment property builds to investor clients throughout New Zealand.”
How we achieve this is by building long term investor relationships, via our development channel partners, and by contracting pre-screened, reputable and approved Master Builders to complete build projects to an agreed budget and contractual obligations, continuously overviewing the project, monitoring and reporting on the progress, and ensuring quality assurance of the build, via our Invest Build Assured (IBA) Agents/providers.
When it comes to ensuring every cent is accounted for in accordance to the project schedule – all client payments will be transacted in trust via BML, thereby protecting investor funds and ensuring funds for progress payments to builders are made only when they become due.


It is our aim to become the best investor build project manager in New Zealand, in terms of client satisfaction. Towards this goal, we have a commitment to:

a) Maintain professional and structured processes, SOPs and resources that ensure
the highest standards of project management and client communications; and

b) The meticulous management of client funds that are being applied towards timely
completion of build projects, in line with the contractual requirements, the
progress payment schedule, and the completion of project milestones.


Simply put, our housing shortage has become chronic in the past 2 decades, and investment property is still one of the most attractive options for many Kiwis. Furthermore, the economic recovery that is needed after a `once in a 100-year event’ means that the housing sector will need special attention and impetus to meet the needs of the nation. However, our `supply response’ to the growing demand has often lagged (and this ironically in turn makes investment property more attractive for Kiwi investors).

The upsurge in demand, particularly for new builds also means that there is a growing gap in the efficient and effective project management of all this activity. This is especially so for hard working and generally `time-poor’ mum-and-dad Kiwi investors.

BML has been established to plug this gap and help Kiwi investors get the best out of new build property through professional project management services, which oversees and protects the investors interest during the period of the build (including payments to the builder and through tight project management).

This service is especially important for clients whose build projects are in cities/locations other than where they are currently residing.

We start this process once a client has been introduced to a particular project via one of our client channels, with a face to face meeting (where possible), or via an online/video meeting.

We look forward to helping you achieve your financial goals through qualified and targeted investment property projects!


Alan Win



Alan comes to this role with 40+ years of commercial management experience. The past 28 years have been as a management consultant advising some 150+ organizations from SME’s to large multinationals and government organizations in New Zealand and 12 countries across the globe. At a stage in his career where Alan started to look to ‘give back’ and nurture future supply chain leaders, Alan got involved in being an educator, teaching at leading Universities in New Zealand (Massey University), Australia (University of Sydney, RMIT & SP Jain School of Global Management), and Asia (Shanghai Jiao Tong University & PSB Academy). In addition, Alan has strong company governance skills and sits on or is an advisor to a range of company boards in both New Zealand and Australia. He has a passion for supporting people to achieve their personal goals.

Raphael Garcia


Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Raphael originates from Brazil and has also spent time in Australia, before coming to New Zealand in 2016. Raphael is a management consultant and joined Middlebank Consulting Group in 2013. His role is to ensure tangible value is created for the clients he works with. Prior to moving to New Zealand, Raphael was involved in the analysis of large databases and framing policy settings in the Brazilian banking industry.

Why BML?

Successfully building investment property portfolios for clients is about project management and managing a construction supply chain in a way that builds can be delivered on-time (or ahead of time) and on budget. While BML is a relatively new company (established in 2020) the team that has established this business have a solid track record of creating value through their supply chain and project management skills for commercial organizations for more than 28 years. We take pride in the fact that many of the 150+ corporate clients we have worked with in the past have retained us for successive projects.